Andrew Wiggins

The NBA is one of the most prominent sports leagues in North America, and Canada has produced several notable players. Some of them have even represented their country at the Olympics in basketball.

Before you start on Canadian online betting sites, it is important to know the biggest players in the game. For Canadian gamblers, betting on athletes close to home hold a much higher appeal, so naturally, we’ve compiled this list just for those bettors. Here are several NBA players from Canada that are among the top 12 in terms of points per game!

The Best Canadian NBA Players in 2021

Last season’s championship run by the Toronto Raptors is only the tip of the iceberg regarding Canada’s rising importance in the NBA.

The number of players from north of the border participating in the NBA has grown in recent years; in the NBA Draft, a record-breaking six Canadians were selected, the most ever for a non-American country.

More NBA players are signed to agreements beyond the United States than any other nation.

#1. Dwight Powell – Dallas Mavericks

Dwight Harlan Powell, a professional basketball star with the Dallas Mavericks of the National Basketball Association, was born on July 20, 1991. (NBA).

Dwight Powell’s career has been challenging.  He injured his Achilles’ tendon in January and missed the majority of the playoffs, but he’s back and healthy this year.

On and off the court, Powell’s contributions to the Dallas Mavericks are tough to overestimate.

#2. Cory Joseph – Sacramento Kings

Cory Joseph, another key member of the Canadian team, has passed the torch to the team’s newest generation of talented young guards.

Joseph is scoring in the double digits and dishing out more than five assists a game despite shooting over 50% from the field.

Although Joseph is towards the end of his career, he remains vital support to DeA’aron Fox. He’s always been a staunch supporter of Team Canada, and he’ll continue to be so in Victoria.

#3. Trey Lyles – Detroit Pistons

He has six years of NBA expertise with four different clubs and is an experienced power forward.

Cory Joseph and Kelly Olynyk of the Canadian Basketball Hall of Fame were also part of the Detroit Pistons’ starting lineup on the first night of the new season when Lyles inked a two-year, partially guaranteed deal with the team this summer.

#4. Nickeil Alexander-Walker – New Orleans Pelicans

Despite being picked 17th overall by the New Orleans Pelicans in 2019, Alexander-Walker has attempted to establish himself as a reliable nightly rotation Canadian Basketball player because of his inconsistency and congested backcourt.

After topping the Summer League as one of the Pelicans’ three first-round choices in the year, Nickeil Alexander-Walker seems to have an underwhelming season.

There is a tremendous skill ready to burst out for Alexander-Walker in the coming years, and the rankings will reflect it.

#5. RJ Barrett – New York Knicks

At just 21 years old, Barrett is now one of the greatest Canadians in the NBA, having been selected third overall by the New York Knicks in 2019.

Bartlett has two years remaining on his rookie deal, so the Knicks hope that his defensive flexibility and offensive shot-making will help them become regular postseason participants this season.

RJ Barrett hopes to take a major step forward in his growth and ascent to NBA prominence by signing a contract extension.

#6. Chris Boucher – Toronto Raptors

Chris plays basketball for the Toronto Raptors.

There are several accolades Chris has earned throughout his career, including being a member of the squad that won NBA championships in 2018 and 2019. MVP and Defensive Player of the Year go to the most prominent of these.

This year’s G-League MVP is indeed a relatively intelligent kid in basketball standards, but he has gained over fans by his high-energy approach and propensity for spectacular plays.

#7. Dillon Brooks – Memphis Grizzlies

Canadian Dillon Brooks represents the Memphis Grizzlies (NBA) in the National Basketball Association. After an outstanding college career, the Houston Rockets selected him in the NBA draught.

Despite missing those few games of the season because of a broken hand, the Memphis Grizzlies anticipate big things from Dillon Brooks this season.

In addition to being the team’s greatest defender, Brooks also acts as the group’s emotional leader.

#8. Tristan Thompson – Cleveland Cavaliers

In 2016, Tristan Thompson claimed the NBA championship. Unlike all the other basketball players, Thompson is a one-of-a-kind genius who first exhibited his ability as a sophomore in college. After a season well with Texas Longhorns in college, he was signed by the Cavaliers.

His fans expect him to help the Cavaliers climb up to the championship table, as he did with the Detroit Pistons when he displayed his best skills.

#9. Andrew Wiggins – Golden State Warriors

Andrew is a small forward/shooting guard for the Golden State Warriors. The Cleveland Cavaliers selected him with the first overall choice in the 2014 NBA draft with his perseverance and tenacity.

He was indeed the second Canadian to go first nationally in the NBA draft at that time.

There’s no denying that Andrew Wiggins has had a bumpy ride in his NBA career so far. When he joined the league, expectations were sky-high, and excitement continued when he was named Rookie of the Year.

#10. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander – Oklahoma City Thunder

Kawhi Leonard’s trade towards the LA Clippers triggered a chain of events that led to Shai Gilgeous-arrival Alexander’s in Oklahoma City.

Now, the native Toronto is leading the season’s biggest surprise to a return to the postseason. He’s a versatile guard who can do it all in today’s NBA.

Gilgeous-Alexander is already a pillar of the Thunder and Canadian basketball in his second season. One day, this youngster will be an All-Star.

#11. Jamal Murray – Denver Nuggets

He is a member of the Denver Nuggets. Before being selected by the Nuggets with the seventh top choice in the 2016 Entry draft, he had only played one collegiate basketball season.

If you’re looking for an offensive spark plug, go no farther than Murray, who has developed into one of the essential players in the Eastern Conference playoffs since his rookie season.

When it comes to Canada, no one can dispute the significance of Murray. Being one of the NBA’s future and present faces, his talent to shine under the brightest lights intimidates his opponents.

#12. Steve Nash – Los Angeles Lakers

When it comes to Canadian players, Steve Nash is among the most well-known. Although he was born in South Africa, he represented Canada in basketball after migrating to Regina at an early age and is now considered among the all-time greats at the NBA’s point guard position.

Throughout his 18-year career, he averaged 8.5 assists per game, two MVP awards, and an aggregate of 14.3 points per game. When Steve Nash was a kid, he worked tirelessly to break all his records.

Final Thoughts on Canadian Basketball Team

This is the top choice of the best NBA players in Canada. They came, they triumphed, and they left behind a legacy for future basketball fans to follow in their footsteps.