Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis
Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/YouTube

The main topic of discussion after the Los Angeles Lakers’ opening night loss to the Golden State Warriors was Russell Westbrook’s disappointing debut. The 32-year-old star point guard had just eight points in 35 minutes of play as he struggled to find his shot.

According to his teammate Anthony Davis, Russ was his usual self during the following practice and had his debut behind him. “He was himself. The person and on the floor,” he said.

“He got to some of his moves from post-ups where he scores and dribble back down before he scores, some dribble pull-ups off the glass, his go-to when he scores, talking sh*t. I mean he’s talking sh*t to everybody and all that.

“He was in his normal self and it’s good to see that how he had a day off the contest reflect, get over it, flush it and then come back to practice, get back to being himself. And then hopefully carries over where he can be Russell Westbrook.”