Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Dallas Mavericks guard Tyrell Terry recently announced a scholarship opportunity for students hoping to continue their education.

The former Stanford Cardinal was able to catch up with TalkBasket for a Q&A on the scholarship and his love for academics.

TalkBasket: What is your scholarship opportunity all about?

Terry: The Tyrell Terry “Challenge and Opportunity” Scholarship is available on, and it’s a great way to support aspiring students who value learning and want to pursue a higher education. To apply, each student can go to, where they can write an essay about adversity and how the pandemic affected them. There will be two winners, one from Minnesota and one from Texas.

TalkBasket: How much of an impact has academics had on you throughout your life?

Terry: It’s had a tremendous impact. By focusing on my academics, I’ve been able to open doors I never even knew were there. Most notably, the opportunity to attend one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

TalkBasket: What are some good habits that helped you excel in the classroom that might help current students?

Terry: For me, recognizing my style of learning and developing a routine was important. So was balancing my schedule and personal life outside of school. Of course there are many important things in life, but if you’re able to give education the proper attention, it will give you perspective and opportunity that might not exist otherwise. Either way, prioritizing education is key.

TalkBasket: Advice to young student athletes trying to balance school and sports?

Terry: It’s not easy -– they both require consistent practice and discipline. Figure out a way to apply how you learn in the classroom to the court/field, and vice versa. Your student life and athlete life don’t need to be isolated from one and another; the goal is to figure out a way to make them compliment each other. 

You’re capable of succeeding in both areas. I promise. 

TalkBasket: Favorite subject in school and why?

Terry: Social studies. I just enjoy learning about history and politics.

TalkBasket: As someone who always had to put education first growing up, did you ever imagine leaving college after only one year for the NBA?

Terry: No, I honestly didn’t think I was gonna get drafted before my freshman year. I got lucky enough to be put in that position due to my hard work and a little good luck. That said, I believe you create your own luck.

TalkBasket: Personal goals for this season?

Terry: To become the best version of myself both on and off of the court.