Photo: Sarah Silbiger/Bloomberg

Ted Cruz who is a United States senator for Texas recently found a reason to agree with LeBron James for the first time. He called the Los Angeles Lakers star ‘courageous’ for stating that Covid-19 vaccination is a personal choice and refusing to encourage people to take it, despite the push from the media.

After expressing support Kyrie Irving, Andrew Wiggins, Bradley Beal and Jonathan Isaac — NBA players that have publicly said they have not taken the jab — Cruz tweeted a quote from James saying “I’ve never said this before: I agree with @KingJames”.

The senator also called LeBron to stand up for the players that refuse to take the vaccine. “With his box-office power, he could be even more courageous—he could SOLVE the problem—by saying: “I stand w/ my fellow players. And I won’t play in any arena that bans another NBA player because they make a personal healthcare choice,”” he tweeted.