Anthony Davis Lakers Bulls
Photo: Lakers Daily

Los Angeles Lakers superstar Anthony Davis availability has been an issue this season as LA is heading to Game 5of the series vs. the Suns.

Davis suffered a groin injury during the previous game of the Los Angeles Lakers. He tried to play through a left knee sprain in Sunday’s Game 4 loss to the Suns, however things got worse for the Lakers now.


“A Lakers source told me yesterday when I asked ‘hey, AD wasn’t all that good in the 19 minutes he played in the first half before he got hurt, if he can even get to that level, would you want him playing in Game 5?’ And the source told me ‘any AD is better than no AD,’ Dave McMenamin of ESPN reported during an appearance on “The Lowe Post” podcast.

“So it seems to me that the thinking would be that if they can get Anthony Davis to 50% or whatever the number would be where he felt comfortable without suffering further injuries, he’ll be in the lineup, but that’s just conjecture because we’ll see if his body will even allow him to get up and down the court.”

Davis’ availability is in serious doubt after his latest injury. He also missed a good proportion of games during regular season this year.

The Lakers are facing the Suns on Tuesday for Game 5 of the Western Conference first round playoff series. After Sunday’s loss, the two teams are tied with two wins apiece.