Toronto Raptors are playing away from home all season due to COVID-19 pandemic as the restrictions set by the Canadian prevented any flexibility at travelling from the USA to Canada and vice-versa.

As the regular season is coming to an end, the Raptors are four games out of the 10th seed, which leads to the play-in tournament.

However, in the latest games, the team decided to rest several key players and evaluate their younger ones. According to Josh Lewenberg of TSN, various Raptors’ players cannot wait to finish the season and get out of Tampa.

“To little surprise, there are players on the team and people within the organization who have been counting down the days until they can pack their bags, take their families and get out of Tampa on the morning of May 17, per sources,” Lewenberg wrote in his latest piece.

The Raptors will need a miracle to have a chance to make the postseason, but with adversity being a bigger factor than the will to win away from the fans, Toronto might be looking forward to the NBA lottery and the next season.