Luka Doncic
Photo: Sarah Stier/Getty Images

The Dallas Mavericks earned an important victory for their playoff race by defeating the Brooklyn Nets. Luka Doncic was close to a triple-double as he racked up 24 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists. Even though Kyrie Irving had 45 points for the Nets, it wasn’t enough for them to win.

One of Luka’s highlights from the game was putting Kevin Durant on skates and blowing by him. KD has praised Doncic a number of times, calling him ‘a f*cking problem’ on one occasion.

“His pace is so incredible to me. … He’ll act like he don’t have no athleticism and he can get around you. … He be trying to trick people. … You gotta be on point with that dude,” Durant said on The ETCs Podcast, per SportsCenter.