Photo: Harry How/Getty Images

Paul George had the chance to play alongside Carmelo Anthony for a season during his time in Oklahoma City. After the matchup between the Clippers and the Blazers Tuesday, George reflected on the impact that Melo had on him as a player.

(via Sports Illustrated)

“I was a big fan,” George said about Anthony. “I went through a bunch of stages: idolizing his game, being a fan of his from afar, to matching up against him, having touch matchups against him, being a teammate of his. I just admire who he is, who he’s been to this league.”

Anthony has severely impacted the game of various NBA players being in the league since 2003. George came in five years later with ‘Melo’ being already a bona fide superstar in the league.

The last two seasons, Anthony embraced his role in the Blazers team playing alongside Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum, after spending time away from the league.

The veteran star remains a huge scoring asset for Portland putting up 13.8 points on 38-percent shooting from deep this season.

The Blazers, who lost to the Clippers Tuesday, are among the top teams in the tough Western Conference having a 30-20 record and being 2.0 games away from the four seed.