Frank Vogel
Photo: Kathy Willens/Associated Press

Frank Vogel opened up about the recent struggles of the Los Angeles Lakers and how they can affect the title chances of the defending champions.

Vogel, the head coach of the Lakers, is confident his team will overcome its struggles and will successfully defend the title.

“Very confident in what we can accomplish this year. This season is a marathon, it’s about looking at a lot of different combinations and integrating new players and building habits that are gonna win for you in the playoffs.

Whether you’re winning or losing, you have a growth mindset. So I’m not concerned with the recent losses, our guys are competing well, we’re undermanned and guys are getting more opportunities, and those guys that are getting opportunities are growing in our system. Very confident in what we can accomplish this year,” Vogel said, via Lakers Nation.

Frank Vogel and the Lakers lost seven of their last 10 games and dropped to 24-13 in the standings. They will now return to action this Friday, when they host the Indiana Pacers.