Photo: GEORGE FREY/AFP via Getty Images

Former Utah Jazz star and two-time MVP, Karl Malone, sat down for the latest episode of Knuckleheads Podcast with Darius Miles & Quentin Richardson to remember the time he wanted to kick Chris Webber’s ass:

“I love Chris Webber but this was one time where I wanted to kick his ass. Right? So we had been wearing them out – at home – and Chris Webber started at half court looking for John Stockton. On the flip side, I say ‘Good on you Chris for studying the playbook. And we ran that four up and he didn’t even care. He hit Stockton right in the sternum with his elbow. I damn near felt it and [it] hurt. … I felt so bad I went over to Coach [Jerry] Sloan and I said, ‘Coach, don’t run that again, please.’ Stock[ton] looked at me and said ‘No, I’m good’ and the next play – well, you know.”