Photo: Al Bello/Allsport

Steve Francis & Darius Miles recently talked for a short moment on the Knuckleheads Podcast about the late Eddie Griffin. Francis played with Griffin in Houston, as Miles went up against Eddie during the 2000 McDonald’s All-American Game and then in the NBA.

The two touched on how great of a person Griffin was and also discussed the connection he had with Rocket legend Hakeem Olajuwon. The positive energy Eddie brought to former players & teammates still lives on today.

(Via Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson & Darius Miles):

Steve Francis: “Hakeem took him under his wing man. He saw the capability in him to block shots and step out. Dream would always say ‘I wish I could shoot like this kid. I wish I had the length and attentiveness of Eddie.’ Cause I use to run pick & rolls with Eddie man, he would bail me out of so many times over dribbling the shot clock or he would post up and find me cutting, things like that. I got a lot of his stuff in here man, in my office. It was hard for me.”

“I wish I could’ve spent more time with him. He was a good teammate and he wanted to play basketball.”

Darius Miles: “He was my guy, real cool dude, real quiet dude.”

“He could’ve went out of high school, but chose to go to Seton Hall. He was the #1 player in my class.”

“Real good dude, shoutout E Griff.”