Former NBA standout Chris Webber recently shared his thoughts on the passing of basketball legend Jerry West, who died at 86.

Webber, speaking on the Green Light podcast with Chris Long, remembered West as the embodiment of competitiveness, forever associated with the iconic NBA logo.

Reflecting on West’s character, Webber highlighted the basketball icon’s mental toughness, recalling how West endured media scrutiny and personal challenges throughout his career.

“I think of Jerry West, I think of the logo, I think of an ultimate competitor in every sport,” said Webber, emphasizing West’s enduring legacy.

Despite the pressures, West remained focused, displaying a remarkable ability to block out distractions and maintain his competitive edge.

“Jerry West would talk about losing nine championships in a row. And he said that when he played, the media dogged him,” Webber shared, reflecting on West’s resilience in the face of adversity.

Webber fondly recalled his last encounter with West, noting the legend’s remarkable physical condition and their shared laughter over portrayals of West in the media.

“He was in such great shape. We laughed about the terrible Showtime show that depicted him in ways,” said Webber, reminiscing about their conversation.

Acknowledging West’s influence on the game, Webber emphasized the significance of West’s signature move, the two-dribble pull-up, which has inspired generations of NBA players.

“I just hope that kids that talk about Curry, kids that talk about Jordan, that talk about two guards that played this game –– he’s one of the originals,” Webber remarked, underlining West’s enduring impact on basketball.