Former NBA star Chris Webber shared his thoughts on dynasties in the NBA during a recent appearance on the Green Light with Chris Long podcast.

Webber discussed his preference for eras with strong dynastic teams rather than just standout star players.

“I like it better when there are guys that don’t cry or give a f–ck about being a bad guy,” Webber said. “If you didn’t hurt one, if you don’t go to jail, if you’re not doing anything [like that], embrace being a bad guy. That’s why I love Klay Thompson.”

He praised players like Klay Thompson for their mental toughness and ability to rebound from poor performances.

“Klay Thompson’s going to have a great season next year… He’s embraced, okay, I went, 0 for 10, because what else are you going to do? Run from it and then people keep bringing it up later?” Webber remarked.

Webber noted that the dynamics in the NBA are changing, with fan loyalty sometimes shifting from teams to individual players.

He highlighted the impact of this shift on how players and teams are perceived and supported.

“The fact that a guy can have more fans than their team plays a part, because your fans can turn on that team or kind of have your back during those other times,” Webber explained.

Webber also commented on the increasing competition from international players, urging American players to diversify their skills.

“Dudes in America that are just dunking, they better get some game, because all that fake game –– there’s guys overseas that really can shoot, dribble, and pass,” Webber warned.

He stressed that merely relying on athleticism is no longer sufficient in the evolving global basketball landscape.