LeBron James
Photo: @kingjames/Instagram

LeBron James reflected on the violent riots that occurred in Capitol Hill on Wednesday by pro-Trump supporters. The Los Angeles Lakers’ superstar talked on the matter in the post-game media session of the Spurs-Lakers matchup.

James claimed that what took place on Wednesday is a direct correlation to the outgoing President of the United States Donald Trump.

At the same time, he referred to the double-standard that police enforcers had on getting the situation under control during Wednesday drawing parallel lines with the way police attacked protesters in other situations.

(via Mark Medina of USA Today Sports):

“The events that took place yesterday was a direct correlation of the President that is in the seat right now – his actions, his beliefs, his wishes. He cares about nobody besides himself,” James said on Donald Trump.

“I couldn’t help but wonder if it was my kind storming the Capitol, what would have happened. I think we already know,” the Lakers’ superstar continued.