Steve Kerr Steve Nash
Photo: Marcio Jose Sanchez, AP

After the game against the Philadelphia 76ers, the Brooklyn Nets head coach Steve Nash was asked about the attack on Capitol Hill that occurred on Wednesday by pro-Trump supporters.

Nash claimed that a situation like this put things in perspective on what’s important regarding your workplace and society pointing out that basketball is just a game.

(via Brian Lewis of NY Post)

“We put our life into the game, we have passion for it, and we work every day to try to give everything we have to this. These situations are a reminder that it’s just a game and there’s so many inequities in our society and the world that are so much bigger than the game we play.”

Then, he pointed out the flagrant disparities in how the armed rioters got treated by the law enforcers on Wednesday compared to other situations in the past.

“I’m sure it’s on everyone’s mind, the obvious and flagrant disparity in the way these situations are treated and I think we’re all in lockstep as to how unequal these situations and scenarios in society is.

“That’s why players and the league have continued to fight for change and social justice, and here we are again,” the Brooklyn Nets’ head coach concluded.

The Nets claimed their fifth win in the season on Thursday’s matchup against the leading team in the East to improve to a 5-4 record.