Kyrie Irving Deni Avdija
Photo: AP/Kathy Willens

Sports analysts Chris Broussard and Rob Parker talk in-depth about the enigmatic guard Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets who recently vowed to avoid media questions only to now go back on that decision. Retired NBA player-turned-TNT analyst Charles Barkley added his two cents and said the following:

“He starts talking about what an artist is. He’s a basketball player. That’s what he is. Listen, we’re not front-line responders. We’re not teachers. Yo man, you dribble a basketball, stop acting like you’re the smartest person in the world. Now can you talk about social issues and things like that? Of course. But some of this other stuff, I’m like ‘Yo, man, you do realize you’re just a basketball player, right?’ And it seems like he’s like, ‘No, I want you guys to know I’m the smartest guy in the room.’ Well, first of all, you’re not. You only went to college for six months. A lot of guys are smarter than you are. Just answer stupid basketball questions. And if you want to say something about social justice, say it and mean it, because it’s important and significant. But all that other stuff? Like, yo, man, shut the hell up and talk basketball.”