Carmelo Anthony opens up about the possibility of wearing No. 7 with the Blazers

Carmelo Anthony
Photo: Getty Image/Cameron Browne

Carmelo Anthony shared his thoughts on the possibility of wearing No.7 with the Portland Trail Blazers this season.

Anthony said he would be thrilled if Portland let him wear No.7.

“If Portland gives me number 7, I’ll be happy. I’ll be thrilled. We need a petition for that. I need number 7,” Anthony told reporters, via KGW TV’s Orlando Sanchez.

Throughout his 17-year career in the NBA, Anthony has worn two numbers, namely No.15 (with the Nuggets) and No.7 (with the Knicks). In high school, Anthony wore No.22.

All three numbers have been retired by the Blazers, though. Therefore, Anthony chose to wear No.0 last season.