Michael Jordan Wilt Chamberlain
Photo: Sports Illustrated

If you ask any basketball fan nowadays who they think the greatest basketball player ever is, most of them will say Michael Jordan, but Wilt Chamberlain thinks otherwise. He has counter-arguments for every point that can be made against him, and can also make the case that he’s the greatest player ever. Check it out:

1) “You can’t predicate how great a guy really is because he has championships. There’s guys on championship teams that have done nothing!”

2) “All the years I was usually scoring all those points, I was leading the league in percentile shooting. That’s important because if you take all the shots, you should be making the highest percentage. So when they compare me with Michael, Michael’s averaging 30 points for his lifetime, I averaged about 30 points in my lifetime, but I stopped scoring!”

3) “I know that basketball is a team game, and you’ve already made Michael number one, but if you had to have Wilt against Michael, my prime and his prime, how much money would you be willing to bet?”

4) “He’s 6’7 and he’s like 197 pounds… we’ve never been very wise on Michael. We would say ‘Hey Michael, as long as you do all those fancy things outside of where we are, you’re fine.'”

5) Wilt when asked if he could beat MJ one on one in his prime: “I run the 100 meters in 10.2 seconds. I have a 50-inch vertical jump. I bench press almost 600 pounds. He would have been crushed.”

6) “I came into the NBA and destroyed it. My tools were so dominant, that they frightened people.”