Jared Dudley
Photo: NBA/Twitter

Jared Dudley addressed the criticism of Snoop Dogg against Danny Green for his missed three-pointer in Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

Dudley believes what Snoop Dogg said against Green ‘crossed the line’.

“…Laker fans, like Snoop Dogg calling out Danny Green and then when we win feeling good. Like this man Danny Green has won three championships on three different teams, being a starting shooting guard.

Are we kidding? Like come on, man, like I agree, he missed a shot. He struggled at certain times, but the man is a career 40 (percent shooter),” Dudley said, via Silver Screen and Roll.

Green missed the game-winning three-pointer in Game 5 and Miami forced a Game 6. The Lakers, though, closed out the series two days later (4-2) and won the NBA championship.