LeBron James
Photo: nbcsports.com

After winning his fourth NBA championship with the Los Angeles Lakers and being named the Finals MVP, LeBron James said “I want my damn respect”. Later, the Lakers superstar posted on Instagram, implying that people are constantly changing criteria for him.

Sports analyst Skip Bayless ripped LeBron for “begging” for respect. “Ever since the clock hit zeros the other night and you won your cubic zirconia championship over the Miami Heat. Ever since that moment he’s been out of his mind and out of control talking about his doubters,” Bayless said on UNDISPUTED.

“Every time he brings it up I cringe because he is publicly acknowledging all the doubt out there about him. Because there is a whole lot of doubt out there about LeBron James.

“And he is actually validating the doubt by acknowledging. And he is actually disqualifying himself from the GOAT debate every time he publicly acknowledges and embraces all the doubt about him. You can’t have doubts about the GOAT.

“GOATS don’t have to ask for respect. GOATS don’t have to basically plead and beg for respect. Because the next thing I heard after the game in a sit-down interview with the media he was talking about all the rumblings of doubt that he constantly hears. And then his post yesterday ‘What you gonna say now?’ He is acknowledging the sceptics the critics the doubters because they’re legion they’re everywhere about him. There were none for Jordan.”