The 2019/2020 season has been a long ride for the NBA fans. However, the league found a way to bring basketball back, after postponing the season in March.

For three months, NBA concentrated all its forces inside the bubble in Orlando. Many doubted how the bubble is going to work, especially in terms of the game without fans and the fact the players were going to be isolated for three months inside Disney World.

All along the way, veteran cameraman Andy Thompson has been there to document life inside the NBA bubble, which he says will one day be turned into a long-form docu-series in the same vein as his most recent work, The Last Dance.

(Via Dave McMenamin of ESPN):

“Thompson, who won an Emmy for his role as the executive producer on “The Last Dance,” knows that someday all the work will be appreciated by fans who couldn’t be on hand.

“It’s definitely going to be used in some kind of a long-form documentary, a series,” he explained. “I don’t know where or when. But to get it right is really important and it’s really a lot of pressure. Because this can be duplicated, but it can’t be replicated. And so we got to make sure that we cross every t and dot every i and make sure we get it right.”

Several NBA players documented their experiences inside the NBA bubble. In particular, the Sixers’ rookie Matisse Thybule and also the Lakers veteran Javale McGee gave constant updates through their Youtube channels on the life in the ‘bubble’.