Photo: Ashley Landis/Associated Press

The Sacramento Kings never got going in the 2019/2020 season restart at Walt Disney Resort with franchise leader De’Aaron Fox reflecting on his experience there.

In a recent episode of the ‘All That Smoke’ Podcast with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, the Kings point guard De’Aaron Fox was asked about the NBA’s bubble.

“That experience was terrible,” Fox said via James Ham of NBC Sports. “I never want to have to do anything like that again.”

Fox had a great showing inside the Orlando ‘bubble’, however the Kings could not secure a playoff spot having the longest playoff drought in the NBA, as their last appearance was back in 2006.

“It’s different man, you’ve got to be able to play,” Fox said on the lack of fans from the NBA arenas. “There ain’t no fans, there’s no energy, you’ve got to create your own energy.

It’s basically like AAU [when] you used to play in that back gym at 8 o’clock in the morning. You’ve got to come ready to play. No one can help you.”

With positives cases raising in the last couple of weeks, the NBA is not considering any extreme measures, like pausing the season or creating a new bubble, being limited in just postponing games so far.