LeBron James
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Who are the wealthiest Basketball players currently?

What is the Net Worth of the wealthiest Basketball player? 

“I’m about to drop 10000 on the lottery and cross my fingers #halfwaytoabillionaireifiwin,” Chris Singleton in his tweet wrote about his investment in the Mega Millions jackpot.

Another NBA player, Gilbert Arenas, told on Instagram about winning a mega millions jackpot of $300,000.

The few best basketball players in the world are worth more than five hundred million dollars! Here is the list to find out which of your favorite players made our list.

Kevin Durant

Number 10

Worth: $170,000,000

Yearly NBA Pay: $26,500,000

NBA’s Total Income: $225,382,333

In the list of most polarizing players, Kevin Durant is recently playing for an American professional basketball team, Brooklyn Nets. Kevin was also on the US Men’s Basketball team, who got the gold medal in 2012. Kevin Durant, known for winning and scoring, is simply unstoppable. 

Hakeem Olajuwon

Number 9

Worth: $200,000,000

Yearly NBA Pay: $7,000,000

NBA’s Total Income: $107,012,000

The all time greatest center, Hakeem Olajuwon, is dubbed as ‘The Dream.’ A Nigerian-American ex NBA player, Hakeem, was dropping dips in his times. He had played for the Houston Rockets from 1984 to 2002. He was in the Basketball Hall of Fame and FIBA Hall of Fame in 2008 and 2016, respectively. The dream shake, his signature maneuver, is a set of steps to confuse his opponents. Hakeem, known for opposing centers, was equipped with unparalleled footwork during his time. 

David Robinson

Number 8

Worth: $200,000,000

Yearly NBA Pay: $7,900,000

NBA’s Total Income: $114,448,000

The best big man in Basketball, Robinson, is an ex NBA player from Florida. Robinson was known as “The Admiral” throughout his career. He was playing for the San Antonio Spurs when he made his mark on the court as well as in the history of the NBA. He won two titles in 1999 and 2003. 

Grant Hill

Number 7

Worth: $250,000,000

Yearly NBA Pay: $2,000,000

NBa’s Total Income: $141,009,000

Grant Hill, known for his all-round abilities, is a former NBA player. Playing for the Detroit Pistons, he was named Sporting New Rookie as well as NBA Rookie of the Year in 1997. Piercing through the defenses, Grant had not only the skill to score but also to arrange the team’s attack as a court commander. Despite having foot injuries, Grant hill did sufficient for his career, therefore, get acknowledged as a Hall-of-Fame in 2014.

Shaquille O’Neal

Number 6

Worth: $400,000,000

Yearly NBA Pay: $27,700,000

NBa’s Total Income: $292,198,327

One of the best centers in pro-NBA history, Shaquille O’Neal, made his presence just as he performed in his NBA’s rookie year. 

Shaq, with his star power and dominance, was heavily yearned by many NBA teams. The ex-Lakers star released his four rap music albums and also made movie appearances, with Blended and Blue Chips. Shaquille O’Neal is a sports analyst for the NBA on TNT.

LeBron James

Number 5

Worth: $450,000,000

Yearly NBA Pay: $37,500,000

NBA’s Total Income: $306,984,000

LeBron James, mostly nicknamed as “King James,” currently plays for Los Angeles.

James is perhaps the most paid NBA player active today.

He received the award the Year Rookie award, sixteen All-Stars games presences, 4 league MVPs.

James is moving towards the closing segments of his career. Nonetheless, he is undoubtedly ready to achieve much more without Basketball with his investments. 

Kobe Bryant

Number 4

Worth: $600,000,000

Yearly NBA Pay: $25,000,000

NBA’s Total Income: $328,237,000

Kobe Bryant, the highest-paid NBA player, is arguably one of the most hard-working players. He received eighteen All-star game presences and twice NBA scoring title. He was offered a mega million jackpot by Lakers franchise just to make him stay in the team, which made him in the list of top five wealthiest NBA players.

Magic Johnson

Number 3

Worth: $600,000,000

Yearly NBA Pay: $1,000,000

NBA’s Total income: $39342860

Magic Johnson is considered to be the man behind turning Basketball into a mega-million jackpot. Magic Johnson, from Michigan, is a former NBA player. He became a business tycoon after he broke out the news of contracting HIV. Johnson received Finals MVP thrice and five NBA awards in his career. His great career led him to earn many mega-million jackpots. He’s in the list of top five wealthiest NBA players. 

Junior Bridgeman

Number 2

Worth: $600,000,000

Yearly NBA Pay: $35,000,000

NBA’s Total Income: $4200000

The owner of more than 160 outlets, Junior Bridgeman, is a former NBA-player from Chicago. Unlike other wealthiest players, Bridgeman wasn’t a superstar of his time. However, he enjoyed a fairly good career. After retiring, Bridgeman eventually started many fast food businesses. He not only owns Coca Cola company’s one bottling plant but also, he’s a board member for the PGA.

Michael Jordan

Number 1 

Worth: $1,600,000,000

Yearly NBA Pay: $4,000,000

NBA’s Total income: $93772500

This man doesn’t need any introduction. The class on his own, Michael Jordan is certainly the wealthiest and arguably the greatest NBA player of all time. He headed the Chicago Bulls to three-peat titles twice, where he was proclaimed the Finals MVP in every one of the six of the events. The fourteen-time NBA All-Star as well as achieved the Rookie of the Year. With multiple income streams and getting many mega-million jackpots after retirement, Jordan is definitely winning in life after an already successful basketball career. As stated by Forbes, he is the World’s Richest Athlete, which is why he tops this list. Right now, resigned as a player, Even now, Michael Jordan is especially associated with the NBA world as the proprietor of Charlotte Hornets.