Alex Caruso: “The only way we want to leave the Bubble is with the trophy”

Alex Caruso
Photo: Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers point guard Alex Caruso is focused on winning his first NBA title this season inside the Orlando bubble. While it’s been a long time since he entered the bubble, he wants to leave only with a trophy.

“The only way we want to leave the Bubble is with the trophy, right?” Caruso said on SiriusXM NBA Radio. “So for us, our focus is getting the job done. It’s been a long – almost three months – I think another week here and it’ll be three months.

“It’s been interesting. It’s been different, but as long as we’re here, we’re going to keep playing and competing to try and win. So hopefully we can get that done and in three more games we’ll have our goal satisfied.”

When asked if he feels that he is playing in the NBA Finals when there are no fans in the arena, Caruso said the intensity was different from a regular game.

“When the ball went up in the air last night, you could feel the intensity. You’re missing the fans. Obviously, we hate that we couldn’t be playing in Staples [Center] in front of the LA faithful just because we know how much they want to be there and support. But once the ball goes up in the air and you’re running through plays and you’re playing the game, you can definitely tell that there’s something on the line.”