LeBron James on what it was like watching the 2019 NBA Finals from afar: “There was a couple of games when I was in hookah lounge”

LeBron James

The 2019 NBA Finals was a rare exception for LeBron James. It was the only time in the last 10 years that the Los Angeles Lakers superstar did not make it to the NBA Finals.

Not being able to compete in the playoffs, LeBron was watching every single game of the NBA Finals as he revealed in a press conference after the Lakers eliminated the Nuggets in the Western Conference Finals.

“It all depends on what game we’re talking about,” James replied to a question by ESPN’s Rachel Nichols. “There were a couple of games where I was at home. There was one or two games when I was in combo. And there was a couple of games when I was in hookah lounge. During the Finals last year. That’s the truth. I wasn’t smoking hookah but I was there.

“The game was on in the combo, the game was on at my house and at a hookah lounge. I watched every single minute of the games till it stopped. I actually watched every single postseason game last year… Part of me I’m just a fan of the game, I love the sport. I love the competitive nature. I love he playoffs.

“And then also of saying ‘Oh, I wish I was in this moment. What would I have done in that moment? What play would I have made in this moment if I was out there?’ Yes, I didn’t miss a game, I didn’t miss one game. Even on vacation I didn’t miss a game. My wife didn’t like it but she’d be okay.”