Anthony Davis on playing alongside LeBron James: “I got his back, he got mine”

Anthony Davis, LeBron James
Photo: Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar duo of Anthony Davis and LeBron James is getting more and more comfortable playing together. AD and LeBron had 34 and 26 points respectively, leading the Lakers to a win over the Denver Nuggets in Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals.

Postgame, Davis talked about what it is like playing alongside James. “Just trying to get to the line or make a play for myself or for others. Take the pressure of LeBron.”

“He’d do the same for me. When I have the ball or I got it going and they start canning on me, he got to me and tell me “Imma take the pressure off of you.” I got his back, he got mine. Especially in the fourth quarter we really have each other’s back and be locked in. That’s something we’ve been able to do especially in these series.”