LeBron James jokes about Anthony Davis’ eyebrow: “If his brow is really low, then you know not to talk to him”

Anthony Davis, LeBron James
Photo: Richard Mackson/USA Today Sports, via Reuters

After a disappointing loss in Game 3, the Los Angeles Lakers took care of business in Game 4, as they beat the Denver Nuggets 114-108. One of the problems the Lakers faced in Game 3 was poor rebounding. For example, superstar forward Anthony Davis had just 2 rebounds.

According to LeBron James, Davis was in the right mindset prior to Game 4. LeBron joked that he could tell AD was focused by looking at his eyebrow.

“You just see how low his brow is. If his brow is really low, then you know not to talk to him. If it’s higher, then he’s accepted the fact that you’re allowed to come to his office and talk to him. Yesterday his brow was very low in this part [points to his forehead] and no one talked to him. So already knew the mindset he was in. And he came out and did it,” LeBron said.

Davis finished the game with 34 points, five rebounds and three assists. He was the top scorer of the game.