Best Basketball Anthem Music

Fergie American national anthem
Photo: Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Music is a part of life and it plays a huge role in bringing people together. Go to a major sports event, what do you see? Beer, snacks and a stadium filled with strangers dancing and laughing together to music.

However, these events have popularized certain types of music that not only rile up the crowd and get them going, but bring the entire stadium up on their legs delivering goosebumps all over.

Every team entering the stadium has an anthem and their supporting fans go wild chanting the anthem over and over again. The half time has music, scoring points has an assigned music. Without music, the atmosphere in the stadium feels weak and boring. 

In this article, we will go through some of the best basketball anthems that have been repeated time and time again over many years.

These songs have become a tribute to teams, to sports and even to the crowd. Some of the songs have gotten more airtime than others and in today’s article, we will go through some of the best basketball anthems to ever have existed.

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  1. The final countdown by Europe

There is no comparison when it comes to listening to the final countdown. The song gained a lot of crowd attention when it is played at the end of the game or when their favorite teams walk in the stadium. It is infectious and very repetitive making it catchy. The song even boosts the energy of not only the audience but the team as they walk by. 

  1. We will rock you by Queen

This has to be in the list of one of the best basketball anthem music to be ever made. The song requires the audience to match the rhythm of the beat as the crowd claps and stomps, releasing a wave of energy as Freddie Mercury rips the stage apart through his strong vocals.

  1. Welcome to the Jungle Solo by Slash

As mentioned previously, every event has a song that supports that particular event. For example, nobody wants to listen to Guns and Roses at a stadium. The songs are slow or not right for the moment. However, the guitar solo on “Welcome to the jungle” is what every DJ at the stadium is interested in. The song, when played just before a tipoff, goes hand in hand with the moment, creating a perfectly electrifying atmosphere. 

  1. Seven nation army by The White Stripes

Sometimes when bands are creating new songs together, they don’t usually have the idea of creating an arena anthem. However, in the process of creating new songs, it just ends up being a great arena anthem. This is exactly what happened with The White Stripes when they made a seven nation army. Sports fans, especially basketball viewers and enthusiasts, can get enough of the thudding baseline and propulsive energy delivered by this track. Audiences even chant along creating a serene environment worth being in for the moment. 

  1. Lose yourself by Eminem

How can we have a list of the best basketball anthems without having lost yourself by Eminem on it? The song is about putting everything on the line and only one chance to prove yourself. It suits what basketball stands for, a single opportunity that can lead to victory. Playing to lose yourself at the end of the game or just after halftime has a massive appeal among the stadium masses. They relate to the song on a wider scale, not just what is happening in the stadium but also in their life. It pumps up the crowd not just in Detroit but anywhere in the world due to its success. It works every time.

Songs have been a huge part of sports events and some songs end up being basketball anthem music. Before we end this article, we do have some honorable mentions for you and they are:

  1. Sandstorm by Darude
  2. Macarena by Macarena
  3. Power by Kanye West
  4. Remember the name by Fort Minor
  5. YMCA by the village people