Ray Allen Keving Garnett
Photo by Rocky Widner/Getty Images

Ray Allen revealed that Kevin Garnett intended to join the Los Angeles Lakers and team up with Kobe Bryant back in 2007.

Garnett was on the brink of leaving the Minnesota Timberwolves and wanted to sign with the Lakers and fight for the title.

“Kevin Garnett had a no-trade clause and he was planning on going to the Lakers and teaming up with Kobe. But Danny Ainge came up to me later in the summer saying we might have something brewing with KG.

So I got on the phone with Kevin and I was like ‘we would love you here, this is a great situation and I’m excited’. It helped him because we knew each other growing up and he knew it was going to be a new situation for all of us,” Allen said during his appearance on James Posey’s “The Posecast” podcast.

Garnett eventually signed with the Boston Celtics and won the 2008 NBA championship.