Ray Allen says he was excited to team up with Rashard Lewis and Kevin Durant in the Sonics

Ray Allen Sonics
Photo: Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Ray Allen opened up about the possibility of teaming up with Rashard Lewis and Kevin Durant in Seattle back in 2007.

Allen said he was initially excited about the prospect of playing alongside Lewis and Durant.

However, this never happened as both Lewis and Allen parted ways with the Sonics the same summer.

“As we got the number two pick that year for Kevin Durant I knew we were going to be good because we have Durant, myself, and Rashard Lewis and I’m thinking ‘wow, we can do some great things here’.

But Seattle had other intentions. So when draft day came and I saw all the Celtics players that were getting traded I was thinking: ‘I’m out of here!'” Allen said during his appearance on James Posey’s “The Posecast” podcast.