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Magic Johnson: “We know Steph Curry is a future Hall of Famer”

Following Michael Jordan's statement that Warriors guard Steph Curry isn’t a Hall of Famer yet, NBA legend Magic Johnson took to Twitter...

Michael Jordan says Steph Curry isn’t a Hall of Famer yet

NBA legend Michael Jordan thinks the Warriors guard Steph Curry is not a hall of famer: https://twitter.com/TheWarriorsTalk/status/1186487843675181056?s=19

Kevin Durant on Steph Curry: “I’m a little bit above Steph. He’s just like...

In an appearance on the “How Hungry Are You?” with Serge Ibaka, the now-Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant discussed who is a...

Kevin Durant picks Steph Curry over Russell Westbrook

In an appearance on the "How Hungry Are You?" with Serge Ibaka, a two-time NBA champion forward Kevin Durant was asked who...

Steph Curry on D’Angelo Russell: “We’ve built a level of communication”

The Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry praises his new teammate D’Angelo Russell: “He plays at his...

Steph Curry says he has ‘no clue’ how Harden & Westbrook duo will...

The Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry was asked whether he thinks the Russell Westbrook and James Harden Houston Rockets tandem will...

Steph Curry on Lakers: “I mean they’re tough”

The Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry assessed the newly-formed Los Angeles Lakers: "I mean they’re tough. You start...
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Alec Burks on Steph Curry: “Yeah, he’s different”

The Golden State Warriors shooting guard Alec Burks, who signed a one-year contract with the Dubs last summer, thinks his teammate Steph...

Steve Kerr thinks Steph Curry is at his peak

The Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr explains why he thinks the Dubs guard Steph Curry is at his career peak:

Steph almost drained his new tunnel shot from behind the hoop

https://twitter.com/NBCSWarriors/status/1182470616500228097?s=20 Meanwhile, Draymond Green: https://twitter.com/NBCSWarriors/status/1182473596871925760?s=20

Steph jokes that he grew his hair out to beat the new NBA height...


Steph Curry on playing next to D’Lo: “I think the chemistry will be developed...

The Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry says he and his teammate D’Angelo Russell have made a rule to determine who starts...

Steph Curry texted to Andre Iguodala: “Had a little heartfelt moment. Said I miss...

The Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry talks on his texted conversation with former Dubs teammate Andre Iguodala:

Steph Curry will be providing name tags for his teammates this media day


Wouldn’t be a golf event without Steph Curry getting buckets


Seth Curry on playing against Steph: “It was a surreal moment”

It is a rare occasion when brothers face each other in crucial games in the NBA. For Seth Curry it was the...

Steph Curry cheers on Andre Iguodala after he drills a long putt


Steph Curry’s going 1v1 with some random dude at the park



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