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The Bulls waived Omer Asik

The 32-year-old center Omer Asik was waived by the Chicago Bulls. He had $11 million left for this and $3 million as a guarantee...
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Omer Asik to remain out of action indefinitely

The Chicago Bulls announced that Omer Asik will be out indefinitely due to inflammatory arthritis. The Turkish center has been receiving ongoing medical treatment and management,...

Omer Asik treated for Crohn’s disease

Turkish big man Omer Asik is currently being treated at the Mayo Clinic for Crohn’s disease, as reported by American journalist Daniel Sallerson. New Orleans...

Omer Asik and Ersan Ilyasova available for Turkey this summer

NBA-based players Ersan Ilyasova and Omer Asik have declared themselves available for the Turkish national team for this summer's Eurobasket. The 30-year-old Ilyasova, who plays...

Omer Asik will not play for Turkey at EuroBasket

http://gty.im/103708206 There is a strong possibility that New Orleans Pelicans' Omer Asik will not compete at this summer's Eurobasket with Turkey. Asik is still suffering from...

Which FIBA MVPs Will Step Up in the NBA’s 2014-2015 Season?

The (Men’s) FIBA World Championship wrapped up weeks ago, but the storylines continue heading into the NBA’s 2014-2015 season, as several stand outs from...
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Looking ahead: Europe’s NBA free agents in 2015

What a whirlwind: It seems as though pro basketball’s period of free agency/roster-shuffling transactions has barely begun, as though just yesterday Lebron James was...

Asik agrees with Bulls

Omer Asik was in the US for tryouts trying to get a contract and all turned out well for him, as he agreed with...

Spanish powerhouses after Asik?

While Omer Asik is the US sizing up his chances to get a contract and play in the NBA, two other teams have entered...