Skip Bayless reacts to Damian Lillard calling him a ‘joke’

Damian Lillard Skip Bayless
Photo: New York Post

Skip Bayless reacted to the tweet of Damian Lillard, in which the superstar of the Portland Trail Blazers called him a ‘joke’.

Bayless said Lillard is a ‘liar’ and called him on the phone to clear the air.

“I’ve been getting texts from Damian Lillard saying, ‘What have you done to challenge what I have done?’ Well, let’s talk about that. I wanna talk-talk about it, not text-talk about it, and if I could face-to-face I would have done it at that moment.

Within five seconds of me reading that text, I just hit that little dial sign and it rang his phone, so I called him because I don’t run from any of that.

You know my background, I’ve had dozens, if not hundreds, of battles with professional athletes in my many years in this business,” Bayless said on the “Undisputed”.