Mike D’Antoni says the Rockets play better defense against top-tier teams

Mike D'Antoni James Harden
Photo: Erik Williams - USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni believes that his team could make some noise in the NBA restart.

The veteran coach, who will follow his team in Orlando, claimed that Houston is a better defensive team against better opponents.

“Do I believe in the numbers against better teams? Yeah, because they have our attention. And a lot of the mistakes that we make are either we just don’t pay attention, we got bored, we try to outscore them,” D’Antoni said on a Zoom call with media members on Tuesday, per USA Today.

“Let’s take past years — when Golden State came here and we had to defend, most of our games were in the 90s,” D’Antoni continued. “So we have the ability. I get frustrated because we don’t do it all the time. They’ve got to gear up to be the best defensive team in Orlando. We can do it. We’ll see if we will.”

The Rockets have the sixth best record in the Western Conference, but they are in a better place, when they face a top-tier Western team this season.

Houston is going to practice as a team, for the first time since March, on Saturday, as the Rockets will depart for Orlando Thursday.