Photo: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Clippers were always a laughing stock in the LA basketball world. The Los Angeles Lakers were the team that everybody flocked to and respected. That all changed when Chris Paul went to the Clippers and changed the franchise forever. The era was called the Lob City era.

The Clippers were able to win 50 games five times in that era. It completely changed how people though about the Clippers. For a while the Clippers were the team instead of the Lakers that made it to the NBA Playoffs year in and year out.

While an NBA Finals appearance near materialized from that era that time period will always be remembered in Clippers fans memories because they were finally relevant.

Caron Butler, who only played two years for the Clippers, talked about his part in creating what is now known as the Lob City era on ClutchPoints’ Battle for LA Podcast.

“This is when Lob City was created,” Caron Butler recalled. “When I heard that the Lakers trade for Chris Paul was vetoed, his other destination was that he wouldn’t mind going to the Clippers, I was talking closely. You know, we’ve uhh … We’ve got a lot of mutual friends and folks in that circle. [In the video], I heard that he was coming to the Clippers and I was just waiting on the news to break. That’s why in that epic video you saw me on the phone while everybody else was jumping around. I was actually talking to my brother, Chris, saying get the camera away from me because I already knew that the deal was in motion and he was coming. I was excited about the whole thing. That’s when Lob City was created. That’s when the culture had changed for the Los Angeles Clippers.”