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Portland Trail Blazers center Jusuf Nurkic asked his Twitter followers whether the NBA should do all 30 teams tournament or choose another option. The question makes sense, especially if the league decides to trim the regular season to 70 games.

A shortened regular season would mean that the teams with no chance of qualifying for the playoffs would have to go through all the process of getting back in shape just to play 5 or so games. In addition, there would be a potential health risk to players and staff.

Portland is currently 9th in the Western Conference with 3.5 games back behind the Memphis Grizzlies and could have a real chance of reaching the playoffs.

Sports analyst Stephen A. Smith recently proposed for the NBA to experiment with the top 16 seeded-team playoffs and let the teams with no chance to qualify take a break.

On a side note, Nurkic called the return of the NBA season back in April, saying it will be back 1,000%: