Photo: Phoenix Suns/X

During his “Big” podcast, Shaquille O’Neal mentioned a rumor suggesting that Jusuf Nurkic was considering pressing charges against Draymond Green.

This speculation arose from an on-court incident in December where Green allegedly punched Nurkic in the face. However, Nurkic denied the accuracy of this claim.

“I want to have a Katt Williams moment right now,” O’Neal began, referring to the comedian going on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast and lighting fire to the Hollywood establishment.

“Per NBC Sports, I don’t know if it’s true or not, Jusuf Nurkic is talking about pressing charges against Draymond Green. Now I have a problem with that. Because one, it just shows how soft you are as a big man. You’re going to ruin what I created in the big man alliance.

“The reason why Draymond hit you sir [is] because he knows you’re not going to hit him back. So for you to say, even [to] think about saying you’re pressing charges, you’re soft. This is something I would tell you to your face if I saw you. You can’t press charges, you just got to get your big ass up and hit somebody back. How about that with your big soft ass?”

On X on Friday, Nurkic explicitly refuted any statements suggesting that he considered pressing charges against Draymond Green.

He clarified to O’Neal that he has no intention of jeopardizing his earnings by engaging in fights, particularly since such physical altercations are relatively rare in the contemporary NBA.

“Lmao first i never said that!! People be making s–t up lol,” Nurkic tweeted. “Shaqilović I’m not from here, I’m not losing money and nobody fighting in this NBA…”