NBA analyst names LeBron’s weaknesses as a player

LeBron James
Photo: ESPN/YouTube

Here’s what Fox Sports analyst Chris Broussard had to say about LeBron James’ weaknesses as a basketball player while comparing him to Michael Jordan:

“LeBron, as great as he is, has some weaknesses, most notably the free-throw shooting. That’s a weakness. He’s not terrible, but he’s not really good at it either. He’s 74 % in his career.

He doesn’t move well without the basketball. That can make it tougher to play with other stars cause has to have the ball in his hands all the time,” Broussard continued.

“He doesn’t really have a go-to shot. At the end of the games it’s either to the basket all the way or long three. I think those are minor weaknesses in LeBron’s game that Jordan doesn’t have,” he added.