Jared Dudley
Photo by Mike Stobe/ Getty Images

Los Angeles Lakers’ Jared Dudley tweeted about the effects of not playing the season and encouraged players to vote on resuming.

Dudley was responding to Adrian Wojnarowski’s report about the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) informal poll for players.

In his tweet, Dudley mentions “no playoffs, no TV money, new CBA next year”.

Wojnarowski then replied to Dudley’s tweet with a simple response: “Yes: 1, No: 0.”

NBPA representatives have worded the questions to teams differently, according to Wojnarowski.

One asked a team’s players “Do you want to try and play this season, yes or no?” while another one posed the question as “Do you want the season to start again?”

The question’s responses from players will reportedly be kept confidential.