Photo: AP Photo/Nick Wass

After 3 years in San Antonio under Gregg Popovich, Davis Bertans continued his rise in the NBA playing for the Wizards this season.

The Latvian sharpshooter talked on the differences between the two NBA teams he has played so far in his career, calling the Wizards “a bit more of a democracy” in contrast with the Spurs.

“I think the biggest difference, probably, is there might be a little bit more democracy (with) the Wizards than there is in San Antonio,” the 27-year-old told on the “Wizards Social Hour” this week. “Mostly, what (Gregg Popovich) says, that goes.”

“There’s only been a couple people, maybe, in a long time that have been able to actually say something to Pop and have him agreeing with them. You have to be 100% sure – not even 100, maybe 150% sure that you’re right before you actually say something that is opposite of what he said,” Bertans noted, per

Bertans averaged 15.4 points per game on 42.4% from the arc this year being one of the best shooters in the league.