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Gilbert Arenas is as entertaining as it gets, even without a basketball in his hands. And, speaking in a recent interview with SLAM, the former Washington Wizards superstar claimed he used to sleep with all of Nick Young’s girls back in the day so he didn’t fall in love.

Hibachi and Swaggy P have maintained a great relationship over the years but, during Young’s rookie season, he was on the end of some unbelievable hazing from Arenas – at least that’s what Arenas would have us believe.

The three-time NBA All-Star told SLAM he used to get involved with anyone Young tried falling in love with just to let him know whoever it was wasn’t the type of woman he should settle with.

“Anytime he tried to fall in love with a th*t I’d have sex with her just to let him know that’s a th*t!”

Arenas made it clear that girlfriends were off limits, however. But the hazing didn’t stop there, Arenas also claimed he crashed Young’s car and, earlier this year, Swaggy P recalled his former teammate breaking his $1,000 shades after rubbing them on a certain body part.

Given that the two are still buddies, Young probably didn’t mind too much. He’s really had a tough time with teammates and women, though.