Gilbert ARenas Nick Young
Photo: David Dow/Getty Images

Gilbert Arenas talked about his relationship with Nick Young and revealed how the latter changed his name to ‘Swaggy P’.

Arenas and Young were teammates in the Washington Wizards and developed a close friendship during their time there.

“With the young guys, they picked up more on my off-the-court behavior rather than my on-court behavior. So, I kind of messed up the little group; the Andray Blatche, JaVale McGee and [Nick Young].

We’ll be eating and when he’s finished, he would lick his fingers and put his hand in your food so that you’re finished, too. So, that’s what I was also dealing with,” Arenas told Ryan Hollins and Brendan Haywood in the Opinionated 7-Footers’ podcast, via Chase Hughes of NBC Sports Washington.

“Our team was so good, but we had so much dysfunction and so little discipline. We had a BB gun fight in a locker room full of millionaires where BB guns can literally pop off the locker, hit somebody in the eye and blind them. We’ve got a BB gun fight in the locker room. So, that is how Swaggy P became Swaggy P,” Haywood added.