Jared Dudley
Photo: The Ringer

Los Angeles Lakers forward Jared Dudley was asked to name one role player he would add to the team from any point in Lakers history. The motivation behind Dudley’s choice indicates that the Western Conference leaders need a player who is able to hit big-time shots.

The veteran named former Lakers forward Robert Horry. “When you said a role player, I’m thinking Big Shot Bob naturally just because of the time shot-making. I can put AD at the five, Robert Horry can guard, he can switch, he can hit big shots, he doesn’t take the ball of LeBron or AD, he’s a good role player,” Dudley explained his choice on the Lakers Nation podcast.

He also named Derek Fisher and Ron Artest (currently goes by Metta World Peace). “I would have said Fisher. I’m trying to think about that because Fisher can be another one at times when he’s a combo guard in the sense of like they had with Kobe. I would know better than anyone with the way they beat us in the Western Conference Finals. He just hit timely shots.”