Steph Curry

Steph Curry is always trying to have fun in the court shooting deep three-pointers and explotting the defense with his tricky dribbling.

Earlier this week, Curry was asked by Chris “COSeezy” Strachan what he would say to people who think that he’s cocky.

The Warriors’ star point guard talked on why his opponents are getting provoked by his attidute in the court. Curry admitted that he’d probaly be upset, if he was on the other side.

“I get how you can interpret it that way,” the two-time NBA MVP said. “And if I was on the other side, I’d probably be upset. When I shimmy and stuff — sometimes it kind of pushes against whatever that invisible line is (between) having fun (or) disrespecting. But at the same hand, I can take it too.

“CP (Chris Paul) hit a three over me in the Western Conference finals and shimmied the whole way down the court. I’ve been on the other side of it and I can take it. I’m not sensitive …

“They hate when you winning, too. When you’re winning and doing it — they don’t like that. I’m cool with it.”