LeBron James
Photo: Daily Express

The premiere of the documentary “The Last Dance” about the last season of the Chicago Bulls dynasty has sparked a debate about who the greatest player of all time is. Namely, whether it’s Michael Jordan or LeBron James. Jerry Krause, the infamous Bulls GM who was reportedly behind the break up of the Bulls after the 1998 championship, compared the two players back in 2017.

Krause made the following remarks after LeBron criticized the Cleveland Cavaliers front office for not bringing more talent to the team. That’s something that Jordan never did, according to Krause.

Via Hannah Withiam of New York Post:

“I’ll say this about him, he never came to me and asked for other players. He never came to me and asked me to draft a player. He never came to me to ask me to trade for a player. Never once did that happen. Part of it was he thought he was so darn good he thought he could win without them, I’m sure of that…Michael was smart enough to understand the organization and he understood what we had to do as an organization…He never complained to me.”

Jerry Krause