George Karl
Photo: Rocky Widner/Getty Images

Former head coach George Karl wants to put an end to his beef with NBA legend Ray Allen.

Karl joined the Locked on Bucks podcast to talk at length about his relationship with Allen.

“Sam (Cassell) and I always had a good relationship. Still do. Glenn (Robinson) is the quiet one so we didn’t really know how he felt. And I think Ray (Allen) was the guy that thought I ruined the team. I bring it right down.

I mean me by bringing in Anthony Mason. And I think that that relationship did deteriorate … I mean, the whole thing is, it was a tough situation.

You know, and it might have been my leadership, being confrontational to a fault. Anthony Mason was a guy that was confrontational to him, to his teammates and to me, and so there was maybe too much confrontation. That created a lot of negative energy that is hard to deal with.

I would have to say Ray would prefer not that to be in his locker room. But I mean, I think we all probably made mistakes. I mean, we probably, you know, talked to and said the wrong things.

If Ray would reach out to me I’d be glad to meet with him. I think vice versa. I’ve seen Ray a couple times when I worked with ESPN. You know, we exchanged pleasantries we weren’t unfriendly.

Talking out this situation it’s going to take a day or half of day, you know, golf and go and drink some beers. This is not something you’re gonna talk out in five minutes. It just doesn’t happen that way.

Ray’s one of the few players I wish I would have had more time with because I think he’s one of the more special talents that I’ve had in the NBA,” Karl said.