Ergin Ataman says the EuroLeague could start in July or August

Ergin Ataman Anadolu Efes
Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

Ergin Ataman believes the EuroLeague will resume the season during the summer, either in July or August.

The head coach of Anadolu Efes does not expect the league to make a final decision before the end of May.

“I think that the EuroLeague will wait until the end of May and there is a thought to play in July, August. There are teams of 10 different countries in the competition, each country will have its own policies. I don’t think borders will open soon. Everyone will want to protect themselves.

I don’t think the playoffs are likely to happen. Resuming action in July in one of the countries with the least coronavirus cases in Europe is being discussed. When you look at Greece, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, you see that the cases are very few and could be even less towards the end of May.

With special flight permits, so teams can reach the city safely. All teams will be quarantined in one or two hotels, games will be held without spectators, but broadcasted to the world,” Ataman said in an interview with A Spor.