Brooklyn Nets: Rich Kleiman, manager of KD, says the season will hardly continue

Photo: Steve Jennings

Growing pessimism about the possible restart of the NBA season. Coronavirus is spreading fast all over the world and Rich Kleiman, who is Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant‘s manager, said on The Will Cain Show on Friday that “it’s hard to imagine” the season returning:

“It’s hard for me to imagine an NBA season could return when you hear the numbers of casualties predicted, when you hear the number of people that will be inflicted by this. And to think that these guys can just go. And I do understand that all of us are working within these conditions for sure. Maybe some things just aren’t salvageable. In these lockout seasons, when the lockout ends, they don’t go, ‘OK, well let’s add another 32 games on the end of it.And I get it. They’ll have to be something to be figured out from the financial standpoint. And I’d love to be able to have a voice in that, because I understand it’s real. But what I do know is that maybe, this just can’t be fixed.”