Carmelo Anthony says he and the Nuggets should have beaten the Lakers in the NBA Western Conference Finals and won the title in 2009

Carmelo Anthony
Photo by Ray Stubblebine/Reuters

Portland Trail Blazers’ veteran Carmelo Anthony seemed to have some regrets about his time with the Nuggets. He shared his thoughts when talking with ex-NBA guard Dwyane Wade on Instagram.

“I was sick, because we were supposed to beat them that year. I don’t like saying ‘We should have.’ I don’t like saying all that. But when you re-evaluate everything. We really wanted Orlando in that Finals that year,” Melo said.

“We were like, ‘If we get Game 1 in L.A. or Game 2, we’re going back to Denver, we’re sweeping them.’ We was going to beat them. We was going to beat them that year if we would’ve won in L.A. If we would’ve won both games, we would’ve beat them. And we would’ve swept Orlando that year,” he added.