Skip Bayless rips LeBron James’ free-throw routine


Sports analyst Skip Bayless shared his views on LeBron James’ free-throw routine. He criticized James on the UNDISPUTED for changing the way he shoots free-throws so many times during his career. Bayless also compared LeBron’s free-throw stats to some of the basketball greats, saying his team is losing thousands of points because the Lakers superstar subpar free-throw form.

“I have never, ever in all my years of covering and watching basketball, seen a man change his free throw routine as often as LeBron. LeBron went to some bizarre new form where he was coming to a dead stop in the set position. You can’t shoot FTs like that.”

Skip Bayless

This season James is making 69.7% of his free-throws. His career average is 73.5%. The highest percentage The King had was back in 2008-2009 season as he was making 78% free-throws.